The Heart of the Old Testament

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| The Heart of the Old Testament | | BIB220 | | The Heart of the Old Testament | | BIB220 | The Heart of the Old Testament written by Ronald Youngblood is an informative and insightful book. Youngblood identifies the nine themes that form the foundation of the Old Testament. These themes show that the Old Testament is not any different from the New Testament and should not be consider irrelevant when compared to the New Testament. The nine themes include monotheism, sovereignty, election, covenant, theocracy, law, sacrifice, faith and redemption. The first theme of Youngblood’s book is Monotheism. A basic understanding that makes the reader aware that God is ‘…God, and there is no other” (Isaiah…show more content…
These idols are worthless and cannot compare to the power of God. God has absolute power over everything. “..The sovereignty of God bends his creatures to perform his will.” (Page 23) Youngblood explains that if it is God’s will, it will happen no matter what we think. We as Christians should be encouraged to trust in him and should not rely on our own strengths. Because if it is In God’s will, it will happen and there’s no way to avoid it. Youngblood states “God’s children are not permitted to do anything through their own strength or by means of their own resources to assist in the fulfillment of his promises.” (Page 27) God of the Old Testament is a God of election. Throughout the Old Testament we see God choosing whether to bless or curse people. Youngblood explains this through Jacob and Esau. Both were from the same father yet he chooses to bless Jacob who was younger than Esau. Election removes pride and boastfulness in humans and puts all of us on the same level waiting for God’s will in different ways. Youngblood than brings out the aspect of the covenant. Since the beginning of the time, God made covenants with the people. Through these covenants, God portrays that he always keeps his promise, and he is fair, and trustworthy to all who honor God. The origin of the covenant dates back to ancient Hittite civilizations, and was widely common during various periods in the Bible. Covenants (or treaties) were necessary for a

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