The Hearts And Minds

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Realization of the Hearts and Minds

The moment of realization gives way to the purpose to the story, whether it justifies an outcome, changes the characters course or allows us to see what we once could not. For this reason, I offer an examination to certain associations between selected literary works, together with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet to compare the different moments of character awareness. Moreover, each of these examples contains particular elements of both honor as well as protest, which steer in the direction of the eventual and final fate. First, a visit to Denmark, somewhere in the the1600’s and contemplate the tale of a prince consumed by the recent death of his father and a deceptive struggle for power by his
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Consequently, there is no defusing this bomb as it explodes to create a multitude of deadly tragedy, as to unleash the ultimate goal of validation and righteousness through retaliation with questionable honor. At any rate, the gravity of these actions which surrounds all the many relationships has lastly reached its event horizon for which there is no turning back. As a result, Hamlet returns from exile only to capture a small moment of pride with the appearance of new found sanity, conquering his angst, to avenge his father’s death and finally make some peace with a fateful exit, way to go dude.
“Sir, in my heart there was a kind of fighting, that would not let me sleep: me thought I lay worse than the mutines in the bilboes. Rashly, and prais 'd be rashness for it, let us know, our indiscretion sometime serves us well when our deep plots do pall, and that should learn us there 's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will ” (V.ii.4.744).
In the 1940’s setting, “Battle Royal”, our narrator seeks to gain an identity amongst the bigotry of old southern white society, in which to compare to the first story for common ground. For example, like the ghost in “Hamlet” the narrator’s dying grandfather offers a realization, which alludes to the purpose for protest. Although, a peaceful method of demonstration, this act still retains a measure of honor by self-respect and obvious justifications.
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