The Hearts of Men Essay

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The ways of men are broad in their spectrum, Shakespeare has shown me this. I have seen the most devious acts and have witnessed men in heroic acts in dramatic display of courageous ascension. Nevertheless, there are ones who have achieved a level of mediocrity or complacency throughout his works, but all these states of action are relative as the minds that generate the impetus. The lowest of the low I have witnessed personally, in these works, and on an international scale. My interactions with fellow brothers has shown me this, what more can I say, some men are cowardly, self-centered, insert expletive here’s. But never have I met a greater one Neil Pal, a murderous self-righteous power hungry man who I once believed to be my friend.…show more content…
That same night, Neil grabbed a machete and cut one of the people who hurt him, slicing his head open. He escaped the consequences of his own actions that night because he was in his own home. Years later, a friend of his Jason Dominick fell in love with a girl, Karie Tucker, they broke up and she started sleeping with Frank Bonacci and Jason at the same time though she chooses to deny it, and if you were to confront her about she would lie to your face. She did it to me. As we all know, love makes you crazy and that’s what it did to Jason. I knew Jason better than Neil, we wrestled in high school together, he would always stand his ground in a fight and was phenomenal football player and a Division-1 Caliber wrestler, God gave him so much ability, and he wasted it, he lost scholarship via drug and alcohol. Which brings me here; to the rock bottom; lowest of the low. I never would think Jason would kill anyone, I knew he had rage, but to take another man’s life, whom you settled your differences with over a woman who is not yours and never was is just foolish. One night, Jason, Neil, and Frank were all at a party… Jason and Neil had been drinking all day and at some point they convinced Frank to leave for what purpose I don’t know, but they killed him at the
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