The Heat Of Preventative Terrorist Methods

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Information privacy is becoming a controversial subject across the globe in the heat of preventative terrorist methods. In the heat of extremist organizations rising up across America, ranging from white supremacy to Islamic extremism, investigating organizations as well as intelligence offices are looking for greater ways of being able to access information to preserve public safety. In the wake of September 11, 2001, the country based one of its most disastrous mishandling of intelligence in decades. It was well-documented that the information presented that Osama bin Laden was planning an attack on America had been presented and yet nothing was done. The US PATRIOT ACT gave the US government unlimited number of powers to fight domestic terrorism including the ability to wiretap and observe Americans leading to almost 1200 arrests. This also extends to the ability to wiretap into a persons conversation on the phone without a warrant. Technically when exchanges were mechanical, a technician had to install a device to route the audio signal together from the call. A wiretapping technology that can be used in any service provider’s central office and connect to a phone call wirelessly. Cell phones use electromagnetic waves to communicate with cellular towers. It uses electric to make oscillations in magnetic fields billions of times every second. When the NSA wishes to tap into a phone conversation, it simply accesses the microphone from an office to interpret the

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