Essay about The Heated Debate Concerning Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

Using stem cells in their research, scientists are able to discover new information that leads to advancements in the scientific society. However, what many people do not understand is that stem cells are unlike other types of cells, and this is because of two significant characteristics. These differences lead to a lot of controversy, as you'll soon see.

First, stem cells are able to renew themselves for long periods of time through the process of cell division, thus making them specialized cells. Secondly, stem cells can be used under certain physiologic or experimental conditions. They can be induced (meaning that they can be converted) to become cells with particular duties. For example, they could be the
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It may also suggest new strategies for therapy and treatment.

However, some ask why new discoveries have not arisen already, seeing as stem cells can provide much needed information from research. The answer to this is that scientists face a major obstacle in understanding the signals that turn specific genes on and off in our bodies. This is important, because when the genes turn on and off, they influence the differentiation of the stem cell -- vital information, which scientists need to know.

Another factor in dealing with stem cells is the need for organ transplants. All over the world, people are in need of donated organs in order to survive. However, the people needing a transplant far outnumber the donors. Stem cells can be used to make and replace donor organs, thus providing relief in a quicker amount of time, improving and even saving a myriad of lives.

Many people are against the use of stem cells -- not only for cancer research -- but because it is intertwined with cloning, a very controversial topic. In fact, there is a current legal situation in Australia where the government has decided to put a ban on all human reproductive cloning. However, there is not a current ban on other aspects of embryonic research, including stem cells. Debates like this rage across the globe.

Deciding whether it is right or wrong to use stem cells in research is a matter of choice, since some can look at it with a scientific
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