Essay on The Heated Debate Concerning Stem Cell Research

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Stem Cell Research

Should stem cell research be allowed? Stem cell research has been a major biological breakthrough in recent years. It has great potential to help people and ease suffering. But there is also a moral question raised about stem cell research, and that comes from the source of stem cells. Ever since Stem Cell research started, there has been much debate over whether or not it should be allowed. Some people are completely against stem cell research because the stem cells are often taken from aborted pregnancies, they consider it murder. While others want stem cell research to continue because it can help ease people's suffering and cure disease. There are already certain restrictions
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These cells were used for in virtro, and when no longer needed were given to researchers. Stem cells in the Foetus are the origin of specialized cell types that make up the lungs, heart, liver and other tissue. Adult stem cells in some tissue such as muscle tissue are there to replace cells lost from disease injury and wear and tear. Scientists are more interested in embryonic stem cells then adult stem cells because they are grown easily in laboratories and seem to be able to become any kind of cell. Adult stem cells can only generate cells of the tissue they reside in, so for example nerve stem cells can only produce nerve cells and would not be able to make blood cells. Many scientists predict in the future stem cells may be able to treat diseases like Diabetes and Parkinson's disease.

Stem cells have caused a lengthy morale debate worldwide. When discussing the impact of stem cell research there are two ways it can be seen. First of all there is the side for stem cell research; stem cells have the ability to help cure certain disease and also help repair damaged organs and thus the potential to save lives and alleviate pain, they also have other potential benefits. On the other hand stem cells are often taken from embryos and foetuses which many people consider immoral because the embryos and foetuses are being robbed
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