The Hebrew Bible, By Marc Zvi Brettler

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How To Read The Jewish Bible, authored by Biblical scholar, and professor, Marc Zvi Brettler, is an enlightening text, guiding people towards studying the Hebrew Scriptures purposefully. Brettler (2005) reveals his book provides a response to the frustration many readers hold towards the Hebrew Bible, with the conventional tendency of filtering it through the lens of present-day culture. Generally, he argues, as a result, this leads one to misconstrue passages or arrive at the definitive conclusion the Bible holds no relevant value within our contemporary era and therefore, should collect dust.
Written as an introduction to the Hebrew Bible, Brettler designedly provides a neutral approach to aid readers of all backgrounds in finding a …show more content…

Brettler 's goal of guiding readers toward an appreciation and understanding of the purpose in utilizing the historical-critical study practice is well laid out as a foundation to the book. By prioritizing the first four chapters as he did, Brettler sets the tone of how one should survey the Scriptures for the greatest illumination. From the start, he outlines what the historical-critical method is in theory and practice, which dispels the assumption every reader holds a familiarity with it. Clarity comes alongside the resolution that applying the historical-critical method to the Scriptures does not set out to destroy the Hebrew Bible 's importance. Rather it lends an unbiased avenue to read these religious texts in a compelling way, bringing understanding in a multifaceted fashion as opposed to one-dimensional, conclusive outcomes.
Approaching the Scriptures from a Jewish viewpoint, as discussed in class, is well supported in Brettler’s book. Through his preparatory teaching on what the Hebrew Bible in itself is, and how one should read it, a ground is laid. Explaining the difference between the “Christian Bible” and “Hebrew Bible” is a vital inclusion. The Christian Bible passages, called the Old Testament, are read with the belief that they lead into the New Testament. The Hebrew Bible does contain a New Testament, so one would not read it within the same frame of reference.

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