The Hegemonic Construction Of Ireland

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Migration has fundamentally changed the nature of Irish society. Ireland has recently become a country of immigration; nonetheless the changes have been rapid and have changed the country significantly both north and south of the boarder. It is one of a number of peripheral European countries which has transformed from having a lengthy history of emigration, to becoming a recipient of substantial inward migration. In Ireland today, migration “Is one of the topics under discussion” (Gilmartin &White 2008; 143). Although written in 2008, the statement remains true a number of years later. Irish society has changed much in the last decade; new immigrant communities of ethnic minorities are visible throughout the country. As a consequence of immigration, people are different in significant ways and these differences create both opportunities and challenges.
This essay aims to analyse the current hegemonic construction of Ireland as an open, welcoming and multicultural society on account of immigration. Additionally, the essay will draw upon the overpowering prejudices shaped within contemporary Irish society by way of examining experiences of racism within migration and non-nationals. For the purpose of this essay, the definition of an immigrant will follow closely what Hammar has proposed, “An ‘immigrant’ is a person who migrates to a country and then actually resides there longer than a short period of time, i.e. for more than three months” (1985; 11).
By way of the
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