The Heian Period Was Denoted As The Era Of The Court Aristocracy

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The Heian period was denoted as the era of the “court aristocracy, which manifested highly reformed taste in art and literature and strongly developed customs and modes of behavior” (Hane, Pg. 61). During this period, women created some of the greatest writing throughout Japan’s history, the most sophisticated and highly desired one being poetry. While traditional Chinese poetry had great emphasis “waka, a japanese-style poem of thirty-one syllables, also gained popularity at the Heian court” (Hane, Pg. 64). These poems allowed for an outsider to get an insight of Japan’s society and culture at the time. One of the underappreciated author’s of this time was Sei Shōnagon, her most famous work being The Pillow Book. Although her work has…show more content…
As the sentence continues she describes the interaction with the child by using the words “pet” and “ imitating”. In the context of the sentence, these words come off as condescending and sarcastic, but I believe that to be her point. To perform these tasks of petting the child and imitating his voice shows that there were standards to be maintained in this society to keep everyone pleased. However, the demeaning feeling behind these actions explains that people just played the proper role. Yet, this sentence is still composed with the use of okashi. When read, it brings a smile to ones face due to the ridiculousness of the situation and the bluntness of Shōnagon’s solution.
Having the ability to write exquisite poems and use them to describe everyday life was a big factor within the Heian period. Having a man deceit the public with the false accusation of being capable of reciting beautiful poetry was highly frowned upon. She described it as, “A man recites his own poems and tells one about the praise they have received- most embarrassing” (Shōnagon, Pg. 275). This denotes the idea that the public was immensely drowned in the expectation of being idolized by the nation for their supposedly well-written poetry. With the word choice of “most embarrassing” she heightens the ideal of how this action was repulsive. She conveys with the aid of sarcasm to indicate that becoming a compulsive liar in order to gain a positive reputation is an undesirable trait

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