The Heights And The Grange Essay

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Wuthering Heights Two characters and their significance to the Heights and the Grange Wuthering Heights, the gothic novel by Emily Bronte, introduces us to two neighbouring families living on the moors of Yorkshire. The remote setting sets a cold, windy, dark vision which infiltrates the perspective households of the Earnshaws of Wuthering Heights and the Linton’s of Thrushcross Grange. The setting of Bronte’s novel is the wild, untamed moors of her birthplace. Emily Bronte brings her own personality and essence to Wuthering Heights, which is contrary to those of her sisters’, Anne and Charlotte. Emily Bronte’s love for the outdoors and in particular the Yorkshire moors, as well as her “unusual and extremely unsocial and reserved” character is identifiable in Heathcliff, the main character ( 2014). Also weaving its way through the novel is her unconventional religious beliefs. The incorporation of the supernatural and gothic references defies her family upbringing. It can be said that the villain or protagonist in this novel is the main character Heathcliff, who does not always endear himself to the reader with his morose and intense personality and that the influence he has over Catherine Earnshaw and his subsequent actions of revenge, make him the ultimate demon. However, the character of Heathcliff is often seen by readers as a dark, brooding hero, the antagonist, in that readers sympathise with the fact that he has reason to act the way he does,
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