The Heliocentric Theory vs. The Catholic Church Essay

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The Heliocentric Theory vs. The Catholic Church We view the world today as the Earth and planets revolving around the Sun.
Naturally, this always wasn't the case. Aristotle created a model in which since God created the Earth and man, therefore everything should revolve around us, creating a geocentric model of the known universe. This model was widely accepted by the people, as well as the Church, since the theory was God-centered. It wasn't until Aristotle's time when scientists started to challenge this model due to advances in technology and theories, and the heliocentric model was starting to take form, which went againts what the Church strongly believed. In this paper I will
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The spherical nature of the Earth and Universe according to Aristotle, is the natural movement of Earthly matter from all places downwards, to a center, around which a sphere of matter will build up. "Only circular motion is capable of endless repetition without a reversal of direction, and rotary motion is prior to linear because what is external, or at least could have always existed, is prior, or at least potentially prior, to what is not."(North,80) In Aristotle's book De Caelo (On the Heavens), he speaks of the celestial sphere, the Earth's center being the same shape, and dismissing the idea of the
Earth rotating at the center of the universe. He also dismisses the idea of an orbital motion of the Earth. (North, p.81) Contradicting Aristotle, Heracleides, an astronomer, believed in the rotation of the Earth on it's axis and is known to be the earliest astronomer to stand by it. He was thought to have taken the first step toward heliocentricity. It is believed in the years to follow that Copernicus was said to have mentioned Heracleides' name in this connection. (North, p.85) Aristarchus of Samos was the first astronomer to clearly put forth a true sun-centered theory, learned from Archimedes. (North, p.85) "...Aristarchus' hypotheses are that the fixed stars and the Sun are stationary, that the Earth is carried in a circular

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