The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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“For most women, whether you’re an actress or whatever you do, there is this pressure in society and within the world to look a certain way, dress a certain way, act a certain way, say certain things, and be this idea as opposed to being a person.” - Amber Tamblyn

In the novel The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, the setting (1960’s, small town mississippi) helped us to understand Stockett’s purpose of highlighting the pressure society places on women, such as job availability for women or need to marry. We all experience pressure from society in some aspects of our lives but the difference, for women in particular, is that women have pressure from society in every aspect of their lives.

We are first introduced to the theme of society’s
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This is also shown when at The Benefit. Celia is described as being dressed in a “sparkling hot pink gown” that shows too much skin and exposes too much of her body, while the rest of the women are described as wearing dresses that hide almost all areas of their bodies. “Ruffles clutch at her throat, swathes of material hide her body. Tight-fitted sleeves run all the way down her arm... Long kid-leather gloves ensure they don’t have more than a few inches of epidermis exposed.”
This highlights how little skin women felt was acceptable showing, especially in formal situations
Stockett uses the setting of Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960’s, to highlight and bring to attention how stuck in the past, the people of Jackson are, in terms of their views on women’s beauty.

The theme of society’s pressure on women is developed into society’s pressure on women in terms of their roles in society. We are first introduced to this theme through Skeeter’s mother. Her mother is an older white women who belongs to a fairly wealthy family in Jackson, Mississippi. “Four years my daughter goes off to college and what does she come home with?” she asks. “A diploma?” “A pretty piece of paper,” Mother says. “I told you. I didn’t meet anybody I wanted to marry.” I say.” This shows Skeeter’s mother’s insistence that she needs to find a husband, instead of continuing her education and
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