The Help By Kathryn Stockett

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The renowned novel, The Help, written by Kathryn Stockett is based on the lives of three women surrounding the ever-growing topic of racism in Mississippi of the 1950s and 1960s. Some critics think that this fiction is a general story focused mainly on the problems of racism and how relationships are affected by it. Other critics believe that Stockett created this story similar to her own life and to the life of Ablene Cooper. Ablene Cooper accused Stockett of fictionalizing her character without her permission; as a result, great uproar from critics has many discussing the real motive behind Stockett’s novel. It is my belief that though it may have been unintentional, the work is a biographical account of Ablene Cooper, for the similarities of physical attributes, names, personal situations, and other maids are too similar to be fiction. To begin with, the physical appearance of Aibileen Clark, Stockett’s fictional character, is too similar to Ablene Cooper,the actual maid and nanny, to go unaddressed. One critic makes it clear that Aibileen Clark is physically described as a middle-aged African American who has a gold tooth (Henneberger,2). Ironically, the actual Ablene Cooper has the same physical characteristics. Not only is this supported in an article, but it is supported in the novel as well. Stockett describes Aibileen’s skin tone as being dark brown and shiny , and she revealed that Aibileen had a gold tooth when Aibileen smiled at Skeeter(Stockett,92). Another

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