The Help Movie Analysis

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During the 1960s, in Jacksonville, Mississippi, the movie “The Help” depicts a time when racial segregation was culturally acceptable and blacks were viewed as an inferior race. The focus of the movie is the life of the “colored help”, the details of their everyday work environment, and the impact on their white employer’s lives. The help is represented as community of black women, who work as maids ultimately raising the children of their upper class white employers. The irony of this is the same children they are looking after are the same children who will grow up to be like the white community, discriminating against the same people who raised them. When Miss Skeeter, an aspiring writer, approaches Aibileen, a black maid, to write a book discussing her work environment (anonymously), this opens the door for other maids to come forward and telling their story as “the help”.
There specific themes represented throughout the film include racism, segregation, social and gender inequality. Racism and segregation play a big role in the storyline of the movie. Segregation of blacks and whites was a socially accepted way of life in the South in the early 1960’s. During this time everything was separate between the two races; for example, blacks lived in separate communities, rode on separate buses, separate transportation cars, separate restaurants, used separate bathrooms, and attended separate schools. When Homer Plessy, a man who was considered one eight blacks by the
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