“The Help”. The Movie The Help By Tate Taylor On The Importance

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“The Help” The movie The Help by Tate Taylor on the importance of the 1960’s society. In Taylor’s work he often portrays the struggle and difficulties of black women. The pain and frustration that those women who were oppressed by the white society, are contributed in the movie. The Help, a movie about race and class relation in Jackson, Mississippi in the early 1960’s. Has profound the historical importance because the impact it had on Africa American women during that time period. The movie is noteworthy for its aesthetic scene in the film. Lastly it has moral significance because it portrays the racism going on during that time period. The Help reveals the great historical importance of the social structure in the 1960’s. During this…show more content…
Although the maids were struggling and going through a difficult time in 1960’s, The Help portrays that their family members were too. Segregated society against the backdrop of the growing US civil rights movement in the 1960’s has an impacted. “Race also determines who has access to educational, occupational, and economic opportunity. Racial tensions are high as white community members employ violence and coercion to try to keep the Civil Rights Movement from sweeping into their Mississippi town” (Shmoop Editorial Team). The white community in the movie continue to keep the black women as their servants throughout their lives. As Skeeter the white lady, who writes a book about The Help and portrays through the book that the African American women go through. As the white women of Jackson, Mississippi read the book they began to act more violent to the black women. The book is away as the black women to make a statement about the civil rights they have. Not only does The Help show historical importance but was also revolutionary during that time period and now. Growing up Skeeter maid was Eugenia. Skeets says that she sometimes felt that the only person in the world who really understood her was the family’s “help” (The Christian Science Monitor). In the scene when Skeeters mom fired Eugenia it shows her walking out, and stopping at the door to look back and walk away from the people she had worked for her whole life and raised their kids. As Skeeter
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