The Hemispheres of the Brain: Differences in Traits and Learning

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The Hemispheres of the Brain: Differences in Traits & Learning Abstract The human brain is a wondrous invention that has many scientists and researchers very busy to this very day. There are numerous qualities about the brain humans know about, yet there are still a great number of mysteries to the brain and how it functions left to be discovered and shared. Some facts scientists do know about the brain is that it is divided into to primary sections, called hemispheres. Each person has a left and right hemisphere of the brain. Each hemisphere is in charge of specific abilities, tasks, and functions. This paper will review what each hemisphere is responsible for and describe ways that each hemisphere is predisposed to learn. Keywords: left brain, right brain, brain, hemisphere, learning styles, brain dominance, teaching style, formal education, brain-based learning The Hemispheres of the Brain: Differences in Traits & Learning Each hemisphere of the brain controls aspects to the personality that may seem antithetical, yet the hemispheres work together to create a total and balanced person. Unfortunately, many forms of institutional education cater to one side of the brain over the other. There are many people who, as a result of their formal education and lack of stimulation outside of school, have one dominate hemisphere whereas people who have attended more brain-based education have both hemispheres equally developed, as are their personalities and skill
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