The Henry Ford Documentary : A Biography

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The Henry Ford documentary is a biography that explains the determined and driven soul of Henry Ford. Henry Ford was a man raised on a small plantation in Michigan, where his family went back generations of only working on the farm. It was expected by his parents that all the children would follow tradition and work on the farm. But, Henry being the oldest and doing much of the work, got tired of the continuous strain of farming. He instead grew interest in machines that would make farm life easier for the family. His parents allowed him to grow in his fascination, where they let him slack in his chores and set him up a work bench in the kitchen. There he would disassemble watches and put them back together again. His father also understood his interest in machines, because Henry would study any machine he saw. In 1879 Henrys father let Henry move in with his aunt in Detroit when he turned 16; he was also set for a job there. Henry worked in many shops for a decade where he made a career known as an expert machinist. At 31 he was the chief engineer at Edison Illuminating Company where he pioneered electricity to many American cities. At this time the thought of horseless transportation was going through many people’s mind and whenever a magazine or newspaper would come out about it Henry Ford would always read and think about it. The topic would remind him of how it was on the farm where transporting any type of good was always hard, especially if you lived away from a…

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