The Herbal And Dietary Supplement Market

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INTRODUCTION Nutraceutical, a term derived from the words ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceutical’ refers to food or a constituent of the food which has been scientifically proven to provide health and therapeutic benefits such as the prevention and treatment of a disease. The term was formulated by Dr Stephen de Felice in 1989. Nutraceuticals have a role in maintaining and improving the wellbeing and health of an individual as well as regulating immunity. Consequently preventing and treating particular diseases (Chauhan et a.l, 2013). Nutraceuticals are found in a diverse group of products coming forth from the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the herbal and dietary supplement market. They are present in most of the food ingredients with varying concentration. A diet rich in these along with regular exercise, stress reduction and maintainance of healthy body weight will maximize health and reduce disease risks (Chaturvedi et al., 2011). Nutraceuticals are on demand because medical science is now realising the importance of food in treatment and prevention of diseases since regular consumption of synthetic drugs sometimes cause organ failure and so many other effects. Again, consumers have the belief that food like substances are either harmless or less toxic as compared to conventional drugs, furthermore nutraceuticals are cheaper and are safe with regards to avoiding the side effects associated with drugs (Tapans et al., 2008). CLASSIFICATION Nutraceuticals can be
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