The Hero : Christopher Columbus, A Hero

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Many people when they hear the name Christopher Columbus they think of the man who ¨sailed the ocean blue in 1492.¨ He was an Italian sailor, navigator, and colonizer. Born in the Republic of Genoa, under the of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. Also, the known as the man who ¨discovered¨ america, a hero to some, but to most of his actions would classify him as a villain. When he came to our land he brought diseases, treated the native extremely unfair, and had a huge influence on colonization. When Columbus crossed the Atlantic and merged the Old World into the New world he brought Malaria, Smallpox, and Typhus, etc. It wiped around 95% of the population, the population before he came ,in 1492, was 250,000 natives. In 1517 ,25 years later, the population had dropped 236,000 natives. The of the reason why natives were so drastically affected by the diseases was that their immune systems were not used to those diseases so therefor they could not fight them off as well. The reason behind their immune systems being so weak and being so vulnerable to the diseases was that the europeans were ¨immune” because the Europeans had multiple plages that took the lives of many over and over again. This has to do with natural selection, the ones who survived the plague had a stronger genetic ability to withstand the dangerous diseases. Since the Natives had very few plagues their genetic ability was

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