The Hero Of Jesus Christ

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It is common for people to have a hero they admire and strive to be like. Often these heroes are people such as athletes, celebrities, world leaders, and family members. These ordinary people become heroes because of desirable attributes they exhibit. These characteristics are ones that people can relate to, characteristics that give birth to a desire to elevate oneself to be a hero to others. Such is my hero. My hero was born long ago to two devoted parents that loved him dearly. Life was not easy for him or his family; nevertheless, he grew up and became strong. Even though he was the son of a lowly carpenter, he learned of his divine calling and rose to the challenge that came with the call. The challenges that afflicted him in his life molded him into the hero I see him to be. He is Jesus Christ, a man with amazing attributes and my hero. Christ had many great and marvelous attributes. He lived his entire life by these attributes and encouraged others to develop these same values. He magnified a way for others to find happiness and meaning. These attributes are the reason Jesus Christ is my hero. One of Christ’s greatest attributes is love. He loved everyone. He loved the poor, the wealthy, the young, and the old. Through his example, people around him felt more inclined to love. When an individual is filled with love, they develop a strong desire to serve others. People sacrifice time and resources to serve others less fortunate then themselves without thinking
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