The Hero Of Pat Tillman

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The name of my hero is Pat Tillman, he is my hero because he is an American warrior and he served our country proud and I respect that.Pat Tillman was an American Soldier he served in the army and was killed in friendly fire and gave up one something that he dreamed of all his life, and what he had worked for, just to help out our country in war. A hero to me is someone you makes you proud, believe in or who you can look up to. Heros have to be respected because they give everything they have because they want to make the people who look up to them proud. Pat Tillman was born on November 6,1976 in Fremont California ( wikipedia ). He had two brothers, went to school in Leland High School in San Jose, California ( wikipedia ). “He led his team to the Central Coast Division I Football Championship” (Bio) while he played in high school.”His talent landed him a scholarship to Arizona State University” (Bio). Tilman won many awards like MVP, and defensive player of the year he also achieved in the classroom too. “Tillman was selected in 1988 by the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL draft” (Bio). “Loyal to his team, Tillman turned down a lucrative contract with the St. Louis Rams to stay with the Cardinals in 2001.”(Bio) Tillman was number 40 and played safety for the Arizona Cardinals for his NFL career. He started 10 of the 16 games as a rookie, he played for 4 seasons (wikipedia). Throughout his 4 seasons he had ” 92 combo tackles,70 individual,22 assisted,2.5
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