The Hero Of William Shakespeare 's ' The Lord Of The Flies '

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Will: Protagonist, a young boy raised up by the Baron. Throughout his life he had only dreamed of becoming a knight, so when the opportunity arises to become a apprentices, he hopes he is chosen for Battle School. Will uses what he is good at, sneaking around unseen, and climbing trees and walls, to find out what the Rangers are talking about him. When he 's caught, Will confesses what he has done and that convinces Halt that Will is the right candidate to become an apprentice Ranger. As he begins training, he begins learning the secret skills of the Rangers, he then realizes that speed, agility and intelligence are as important as physical size. Halt: Is a master of concealment in his green-and-grey hooded cloak. He is the Ranger of…show more content…
Princess Cassandra: Is also known as Evanlyn, she is a mysterious girl Will and Horace meet in Celtica, and she is later revealed to be the Princess Cassandra, the daughter of the King of the lands Araluen. The person she is pretending to be, is actually her maid and friend. She is blonde, stubborn, and has green eye. She is familiar with politics and military strategies, but not survival skills. Evanlyn is described as being very determined and on occasions stubborn. #2 Plot Summary/Review: The book starts with Will and Halt pursuing a small group of Wargals, Halt then searches their belongings and discovers plans for the upcoming battle. When the two return back to their cabin near Redmont, Gilan turns up in the middle of the night. “So I sent Halt to straighten matters out. Thought it might be a good idea to give him something to keep him busy." (Flanagan 24) The younger ranger is saddened to discover that Halt and Will don 't seem to be surprised that he turned up at such a weird hour. After the initial greetings, Gilan then reveals that he was sent on a mission to Celtica to get some supporters for the upcoming war. Due to an old superstition he needs to have two others with him and he decides to take Will and Horace along as they can be separated from the preparations for the battle and the battle itself. “Sarcasm isn 't the lowest form of
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