The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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Cooper Clarke English 4 – Period 2 Mr. McQueary 8/22/14 The Hero with a Thousand Faces Prologue – The Monomyth Myth and Dream Myths are universal and transcendent through time; many ancient myths are seen recreated in modern times. The author uses Oedipus as a way of comparing myth to psychology. Dreams have also played a major role in civilization; the people who could interpret dreams can understand and create myths. “Dream is the personalized myth” (19). Tragedy and Comedy People have always been fascinated with the tragedy and death of others. Tragedy is the realizing of the ultimate truth of life, and comedy is finding the joys of life. Mythology can stem from both tragedy and comedy. The Hero and the God The author uses the story of the Buddha to state the journey a hero has to go through to achieve their powers/ability. The hero leaves his environment, learns or develops, and then returns to spread what he loved. All hero stories follow the same guidelines. The World Naval The World Naval is the birthplace of everything important in the hero story; it is the center point of the world. It can either create of destroy life and is often represented by a special symbol. PART ONE Chapter 1 – Departure The Call to Adventure The call to adventure is a big change, often by accident. After the change, the herald tells the hero about their adventure. Refusal of the Call The hero refuses the adventure but becomes trapped either psychologically, or physically. They
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