The Hero With A Thousand Faces

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Revised Draft A hero is “a man (or occasionally a woman) of superhuman strength, courage, or ability, favored by the gods.” Based on this quote, found on “The Oxford English Dictionary Online,” one can assume that the hero would be a man based on the terms that are used. People often associate a man as being the almighty power in a situation. They are referred to as the hero. One does not often find a movie about superheroes with the hero being a woman. Gender should not define who is the better person. In order for one to be a hero, one must step up to the plate and destroy the monster behind the situation. If a woman is able to accomplish that task, then why can they not become a hero for society to cherish. Using The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell, Alien can be seen to argue how women are equal to men through the stages of a hero’s journey. In order for Ripley to become a hero, there has to be a situation in which she could shine. Relating this to Campbell’s piece, he explains the idea of the call to adventure. In this, he states “ a blunder—apparently the merest chance—reveals an unsuspected world, and the individual is drawn into a relationship with forces that are not rightly understood.” This quote demonstrates how the hero is chosen for a task that they do not necessarily want to do. This is considered the call to adventure, in which that is the hero’s destiny. Even though the hero may not want to participate in saving the world, they are the one’s
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