The Hero in Beowulf in Hamlet Essay

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Throughout literature, the idea of the hero has changed to represent a number of differing. Heroes were originally personified as being an individual who were not bound by limitations, as well as demonstrating an archetypical sense of moral judgment. Later on, contrasting adaptations of heroes started to form in which the hero of a story would typically exhibit traits that would closely resemble the limitations and troubles that ordinary people faced. For the most part, a contemporary “hero” is simply looked at as the protagonist in the story. Acclaimed heroes in literature, such as Beowulf and Hamlet, when compared to one another can give a person a better sense of the changes in the hero. Although they both are the main characters …show more content…
Neither Hamlet nor Beowulf committed the acts they did for riches or control, but rather for personal gain. Another thing to note about both Beowulf and Hamlet deals with their domineering characteristics over the other characters in the story. Beowulf, a revered warrior, had the courage and strength that was not of the typical human being. Hamlet was not physically dominant as much as he was intelligent and intuitively inclined with the more substantial thoughts about life.
Although similarities between Hamlet and Beowulf exist, there are a greater number of differences that greatly sets the two characters apart. One of the biggest differences that need to be noted between the two was their motives. Starting with Beowulf, the first thing to note about him is his everlasting desire for glory in battle. Beowulf is characterized as a duty-oriented warrior, driven by nothing but being a dominant and revered hero for everyone to look up to. There is not a perceived sense of love and religion in Beowulf’s character, which leaves him to be a very straight-forward character. Overall, Beowulf’s motive for being a hero was just that: to be considered as a hero among the people.
Hamlet, on the other hand, had a different agenda. Directed by his father’s ghost to avenge his death, Hamlet is driven by revenge and retribution. Hamlet had no motivation to be looked at as a hero. If anything, he intended to draw

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