The Hero 's Journey By Joseph Campbell

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Two books can seem completely different from each other when judged by characteristics such as genre, plot, and theme. However, if people were to look at the books together and as a whole, they might notice one striking similarity between the two. That striking similarity is known as the hero’s journey. First observed and documented by Joseph Campbell, the hero’s journey is a concept in which heroes, or people who commit actions for the greater good, follow a three-step cycle known as departure, fulfillment, and return. At the first stage of the hero’s journey, the hero receives a call to an adventure that takes him from the comforts of his home. Next, at the most important stage of the hero’s journey, the hero begins to experience life in foreign territory, where he faces trials and tribulations which later changes his moral outlook and results in a physical or psychological rebirth. At the last stage of the cycle, the hero returns to the ordinary world as a changed person who has regained something he had lost for a moment in time. In The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, as the characters explore their relationships with their mothers, they too experience their own hero’s journey. However, many of the characters do not fully complete the journey, which is necessary for it allows the character to not only regain certain qualities, but also evolve as a person and bring hope for other characters who are stuck in unresolved struggles. Lindo Jong on the other hand, is a prime example

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