The Hero 's Journey Is A Long And Arduous One

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The hero’s journey is a long and arduous one, but ends up being quite rewarding in the end. The hero follows the road of growth and education until they are ready to pursuit their goals and save the day. Two such heroes journeys are the stories of Will Stronghold in Sky High (2005) and Hercules of Hercules (1997). Both, Will and Hercules, want to be heroes and correlate through the ideals of: lacking of powers, making their fathers proud, and wanting to save the day. Thus, the two films can be assessed through the various social and personal similarities within the film. First, in Sky High, Will is a young freshman attending high school for “super teens” with both of his parents being crime fighting superheroes. In fact, Will’s parents are known as two of the best superheroes in the world, setting a very high standard for Will himself. Super powers in the film are somewhat represented in a similar manner to puberty, as the children usually get them as they grow up. By the first day of class, it is found out that Will doesn’t have any superpowers, which sets him as an outcast within the school. Will just wants to have superpowers in order to fit in, as he feels out of place within a school full of superheroes. Eventually, Will begins to accept the fact that he might just be a normal person without powers. Later on, Will unfortunately ends up in a brawl with Warren Peace, who doesn’t like will because of his father’s actions, and figures out that he has superhuman strength.
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