The Hero 's Journey Theory

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So what makes a hero? What must a person have to be considered a hero? Is it his or her strength, powers, courage, morals, integrity, or knowledge? According to Joseph Campbell, a hero properly is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than himself or other than himself. So with the help of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey theory, evidence will be given to prove why the Flash is a hero, and not a cold hearted villain like Captain Cold. To start off we’ll begin with Campbell’s first stage of the Hero’s Journey. According to his theory, the story must begin where the hero was once normal. To define normal regarding the Flash, the Flash would have had to be someone who existed without any powers, living a regular citizens’ life, and oblivious of the adventures to come. So before Barry became known as the Flash, he was first known as Barry Allen. Barry valued family, justice, and the safety of everyone. He was a regular citizen who worked for Central City’s police department as a Police scientist, too. With the following being stated, we can conclude Barry was already a hero before his special powers. First, Barry is working to fight justice as an employee of Central City’s police department. Secondly, he enjoys fighting for justice in general. And lastly, considering Barry’s personality and values he isn’t selfish for power, disrespectful, dishonest, and greedy like most villain characters. However, according to Campbell’s Hero’s Journey process, Barry
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