The Heroes Of Beowulf And Malcolm X

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Not every hero wears a cape or tights, nor do they all have superpowers. Being a hero does not mean you have to be a crime fighter or a warrior. Heroism comes with the good that you do, and helping people and wanting better for people are makes heroes. Heroism can range from big to small; a hero can makes someone’s day, or he or she can even make history. Heroes can be local or worldwide. A hero could even be someone an individual looks up to as a role model. Heroes do not have to be well known by everyone to be a hero. They could just be helping their community. Not every hero is the same, and people may not agree on who is and who is not a hero. Heroes are what an individual makes them to be. Although Beowulf and Malcolm X are people of different time eras, both men demonstrate a variety of characteristics of a hero.
Starting as a warrior and later becoming the king, Beowulf left behind a legacy. Beowulf portrays many traits of a hero. According to the Beowulf History Channel documentary, implies that he was a “superhuman” (History Doc.). Beowulf was known as “the strongest of the Geats” (Beowulf 195). According to the epic Beowulf, Beowulf was “stronger than anyone anywhere”(194). He was like no other anywhere else. Beowulf was not scared of battle, and felt like the best way to die was in battle.Beowulf was fearless. He voluntarily put himself in danger in order to protect his people and friends. Beowulf sailed across the sea to Denmark “in friendship” to
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