The Heroes Of The 1800 ' S

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Slavery. Possibly the most horrid thing human beings can do to one other, other than dispatching each .Slavery was the most controversial topic and the greatest issue of the 1800’s. This spawned many fractious people, groups, and rebellions throughout the United States. Inevitably, when trouble arises there are also “heroes” who stand to face those challenges. To fight their oppressors and stand for what they believe is right. Heroes of the 1800’s include Fredrick Douglass and many others who found a way to prove their points with as little bloodshed as possible. However one man is known as a heroic liberator (Thoreau, A plea for Captain John Brown, 1859), terrorist (Horwitz, The 9/11 of 1859, 2009) and a National hero (Reynolds, Freedom’s Martyr, 2009) all at once. This man’s name was John Brown. As just recently mentioned, Brown was called many things by many different people However, If Brown needed to be summed up into one description he would be described as an ignorant liberator. In David Reynolds “Freedom’s Martyr” Reynolds explains why Brown is captured and the reason of his raiding on Harper’s Ferry. In this passage Brown’s goal of the raid was to entice nearby slaves in the south into rebellion and flee with those he freed. However, Brown was unsuccessful in this attempt because of his ignorance and lack of planning ahead. (Reynolds, Freedom’s Martyr, 2009) “But he stalled too long in the arsenal and was captured.” To further explain his ignorance John brown was
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