The Heroes Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Ever since we started this thing we like to call school or learning we have been shown countless oddities through history. Everything from writers like Homer, strong hearted warriors with their kings and queens, all the way up the the Parthenon where they can all stand together equal. They had pride and love for their people and their land. We have also learned that today things are much different. We do not have the strive for life and knowledge the way we used to and things are not necessarily the most equal. Our hearts are chained in the cave and our pride is lost in the clouds.

When it comes down to it nowadays we fight over the pettiest things. We have all this greed, people fighting over who is more fashionable. We are too exposed and distracted by stuff that honestly does not matter and probably never will. If we take Achilles for example, he is the strongest warrior to live in the Achaean army. His pride so great he does not even want to fight. People say he is too prideful and that is what killed him in the end. “A man dies still if he has done nothing.” Achilles really took this to heart or should I say the heel... A man who fights not for his people but his love and pays the ultimate price. When his mom brought up his past of when he was young being dipped into the river Styx, he knew he was hamartia from the begging. This is how Homer got his point across in the Iliad.

In the society we live in we live our lives day by day working our routine by waking up,
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