The Heroes Of The Media

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Although we hardly see heroes in the media because of all the violence in the world, we should be able to recognize heroes serving for our country, but also our everyday heroes in our community. Gibbon, a who has studied the disappearance of public heroes in America, disagreeing with Gibbon and the statement, “America no longer has heroes.” Journalists and the media do not capture the heroism being shown due to the many columns devoted to other unimportant issues, journalists can contribute to people’s judgement and could affect the feelings of the admirable, and the media creates the impression that no one is noble and there are no heroes. As journalists and news reporters there job is to write what is going on in the community, in the country and globally. But recently journalists have been focusing on celebrities’, politics and negativity in the world. Inspiring words Walter Winchell urges to reporters, “Talk of virtue and your readers will become bored. Hint of gossip and you will secure perfect attention” (251). Winchell is suggesting if magazines and columnists write about people with dignity, honor and nobility; readers will become uninterested in their sources. Readers will find another source to obtain their information from, hinting reporters to write to catch the reader 's eyes and to keep them engaged. Readers want to find out more about the celebrities or about the background of that person. Keeping a close eye to see what they are going to see in the next
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