The Heroes Of ' Uranus ' And ' Sea Of The Underworld '

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In the beginning there was Chaos (not disorder) and from Chaos came Gaia (Earth) and Eros (Sexual Attraction) who birthed Erebus (darkness of the underworld), Nyx (night), Uranus (sky) and Pontus (sea).When each of those Titans were born their power is new, for example when Nyx was born so was the night. The most important Titan came from Uranus and Gaia who had Cronus (father of the Olympians) when Gaia had each one of her children Uranus grew more and more jealous that when their children were born he would shove them back into the womb. When Gaia grew uncomfortable with her womb full of children, she planned Cronus’s demise; she made an iron sickle and gave it to Cronus who was still in the womb. During intercourse between the two…show more content…
When Zeus was older he and his mother plotted against Cronus to free Zeus’s brothers and Sisters. One night when Cronus asked Gaia for a drink she made him and emetic potion which caused Cronus to vomit all of his children and the rock. All emerged unharmed. By unanimous decision, the siblings chose Zeus to lead them to a war against Cronus and the rest of the mighty Titans (‘Zeus, the Master of the Greek Universe’, 2008). When the Olympians made Zeus their king, they went to war with Cronus and his allies. When Cronus called for the titans to go to war only five of them actually did while the others were too afraid of the Olympians, There were daily battles that would last up to ten years or until one of the titans or the Olympians retreated. Gaia looking for a way to stop the war sought a the advice of an oracle in order to give Zeus an upper hand the oracle said he needs to forge an alliance with his uncles (three hundred handed giants known as Hecantonchires and three Cyclopes) who were both imprisoned in tartarus because Chronis was afraid that they would over throw him. Zeus immediately went down to Tartarus and freed them. The Cyclopes and the Hecantonchires were so grateful they made Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon one object each. For Zeus they forged thunder bolts, for Hades they forged him the helmet of darkness that makes the wearer invisible, and finally for Poseidon they made a triton that would become a symbol of the future sea
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