The Heroic Code Of Sir Gawain

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Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and army officer, once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts (Winston Churchill).” Sir Gawain displayed these action and emotion during the fight to defeat the Green Knight. Sir Gawain was faced with many trials and tribulations through his journey that forced him to stay true to his Heroic Code. The principles that Sir Gawain demonstrated in the pursuit of the Green Knight are respecting women, service to the king with bravery, honor, and faith, and staying committed to his religious practices. Sir Gawain kept these guidelines true to his heart throughout his expedition to defeat the Green Knight and to defend the honor of King…show more content…
Dear lady, said the other, don’t think such a thing, I dare not kiss in case I am declined”. (Greenblatt) Sir Gawain continues to stay true to the code of chivalry and politely decline the offer that the host’s wife presents. Even though, women during the medieval era did not receive a high social status, Knights still held a heroic code to respect and honor women (Medieval Women). Thus, proves Sir Gawain commitment in valuing the heroic code. Towards the end of poem, Sir Gawain beings to notice the sins and failures that he has committed all along the journey to the Green Chapel. Sir Gawain realizes that he is responsible for greed and lack of faith that he endured on his travels. To make up for the mistakes he has committed he seeks out help from God. This is another example of the heroic code presented by the faith that Sir Gawain has in God. Sir Gawain finally comes face to face with the Green Knight, where Sir Gawain only receives a small wound to the neck. The Green Knight applauded Sir Gawain’s courage and determination to defend King Arthur’s round table (Greenblatt). When Sir Gawain returns to the Kingdom of Camelot he describes his journey and interactions to King Arthur and the other knights. Sir Gawain explains that he is thankful for the battle with the Green Knight
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