The Heroic Code : The Heroic Code Of Beowulf

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The heroic code has conflicts with the views of Christianity because the heroic code is filled with hubris. A hero that has hubris is a hero who’s pride gets in their way. This is what Beowulf’s downfall is when it comes to him being an epic hero. Therefore, the heroic code is controversial due to the Christian influences that are put on Beowulf. An example of Beowulf’s pride is on lines 1758 - 1760. The lines state “O flower of warriors, be aware of that trap. Choose, dear Beowulf, the better part, Eternal rewards. “Do not give away to pride.” Another example of Beowulf’s pride is on line numbers 958 - 961 when Beowulf talks about defeating Grendel, which says “If you could have seen the monster himself Where he lay beaten, I would have been better pleased.” Beowulf is so prideful about defeating Grendel, that even he thinks everybody should admire what he’s done to achieve victory the same way he does. The intended purpose of the text was altered because of the pagan influences in the text. As shown in the poem regarding a pagan influence it says, “so must a man do a man who intends doing glory in combat. Life doesn’t cost him a thought.” This quote shows the arrogance of Beowulf and how he believes that it’s more honorable to defeat Grendel. Another example of a Pagan influence in the poem is towards the beginning where it says, Sometimes at Pagan shrines they vowed Offering to idols./, swore oaths That the killer of souls might come to their aid And save the people.
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