The Heroic Cycle in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Essay

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What does it mean to be a hero in an exciting fantasy adventure? The bigger question is who would not want to be the hero of their own story? In the fantasy genre, these heroes are given the typical heroic tropes that go beyond the gender norm of saving a damsel in distress and fairy tale archetypes. For students, this could be known as “The Heroic Cycles” that are often found in the fantasy genre (Thomas 60). The hero “is usually an orphan, disposing of inconvenient parental monitoring. He or she is sent on a great quest of great importance… He or she meets up with a wise person, reflecting the desire of students for guidance. The hero confronts and conquers the evil foe” (60). In J. K. Rowling’s famous series and Chris Columbus’ film…show more content…
The novel depicts the alienation, the teasing and abuse he receives from the Dursley’s and from his muggle school in length but the film cuts it out and only represents Harry’s current life with his muggle family. Though film often acts like the viewer is watching an historical reenactment of a literary work, but Nel argues that “[t]he movie was not enough like the book and, at the same time, very much like the book” (172). True, the film does not explain the themes that were already discussed and introduces the film at the zoo but the film interestingly introduces the magic world to Harry [played by Daniel Radcliff] through the use of absurdities and fun. It presents the magic world in a more whimsical manner that modern ‘muggles’ would not realistically dream of. For instance, the scene of the owl infestation at the Dursley’s home when the Hogwarts letters were not being delivered is not mentioned in the novel and is an added creative twist to the film. It also presents one of Hogwarts symbols of the owl delivery system and at the same time, it may also foreshadow the animal companion to the hero. Though the novel presents this scene with whimsical descriptions, the film portrays magic in a manner that is absurd and entertaining to the audience and Harry as well. But his call to the hero’s cycle begins when he first finds out that he is a Wizard. When Harry

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