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In 1997 a movie called Amistad depicted the true story of a group of Africans that were taken from their families and forced into slavery. Although the movie was heavily criticized for it's inaccurate tale of the terrible ordeal, it gave the story world-renowned attention. The real story had more drama and tearjerker parts then the movie did. If the movie ever gets remade, hopefully this time it follows the facts exactly.

A man named Sengbe Pieh, commonly known in the United States as Jose Cinque, was born around 1813 in Mende Country. He was rumored to be the son of a local chief and lived his days as a farmer working the fields. He was a devoted husband with two sons and a daughter. One day he woke up, kissed his wife and kids
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The trip to Puerto Principe was a harsh one for the slaves. They were whipped and malnourished with the believe they would be eaten once they got their. One hungry, windy, miserable night Pieh loosened one of the spikes and freed himself with it. He freed the other slaves in the lower deck with him and charged to the upper deck. The slaves killed Ferrer, the captain and Celestino the cook for killing one of the slaves in the attack. Ruiz and Montez were spared, while the two white seaman escaped off a small boat. Montez having some experience as a sailor, was forced to take the slaves to Africa. On this long voyage the slaves had mange to learn how to speak Mende. Pieh rationed the food to everybody except for the children, who got a full ration. Pieh caring only about everybody else except for himself, gave himself the smallest ration out of everyone. In the meantime Montez was trying to steer the schooner towards Cuba. Unfortunately, that plan didn't work and the schooner ended up in the northeast coastline of The United States.

All over the coastline there were sighting of the mysterious looking boat in the newspapers. The newspapers portrayed them as bloodthirsty savages that killed the crew and began sailing the seas as buccaneers. In retrospect all they were just trying to do was trade food and find a local seaman to take them home.

On August 26 Lt. Commander Thomas R. Gedney spotted the

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