The Heroine Epidemic And Overweight And Obesity Statistics Essay

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This report discusses briefly about two statistical articles named “The Heroine Epidemic” and “Overweight and obesity statistics”. “The Heroine Epidemic” : focuses on the addiction to heroine and its side effects. The sample included within the American population with different age groups. The sample has death rates and rate of abuse based on different variables like age, race, state and painkiller dependence of users of alcohol, marijuana, Cocaine and opioid analgesics. The cases are still the population of USA. Race and region are categorical whereas the age is quantitative. The article does not discuss any method of sampling. The article was based on the population of the United States. As we observe the sample, there aren’t any summary statistics given. The article consists of several graphs based on different categorical and quantitative variables. Figure 1 is a histogram with density line showing the rate of past -year(2000-2013) heroine abuse or dependence per 1,000 persons in USA and the death rate. The bars depict the rate of heroin abuse in the year 2000 was 1.0 per 1000 persons which drastically increased to 2.0 by the year 2013. The density line shows that the during the year 2002- 2013, heroin related overdose deaths has a rapid increase from 0.75 to 2.75, which has almost doubled. Figure 2 is the bar plot that shows the age- adjusted rates for drug-poisoning deaths per 100,000 population involving heroin, by census region of the United States. Observing the

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