The Heroine Of The Film

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In Bhumika, Usha, the heroine of the film, is victim of the injustice of the society that considers women as properties and materialized them as “slave[s] or wax doll[s] that [men are] afraid [they] could have melt out in the sun.” The movie showcases a problematic life that the heroine finds herself in which eventually controls herself entirely giving her no choice of her own at all. Usha since her childhood is given no freedom and all of the surrounding people take control over her live to an extent that they would like to shape her life as the perfect life they believe to be for her and snatch her freedom to choose how she wants her life to be and whatever pleases her or whatever she think might suit her. As a kid, she is always encountering violence in many so many different ways that will change her character and raise her insecurity which is one of the main cause of her difficulties she later faces when she becomes adult. As Gandhi says “If we are ever to have real peace in this world we shall have to begin with the children.” Usha does not find peace ever as a kid. The first scene in black-and-white of the flashbacks shows Usha running from her mother with her chicken which seems that Usha loves very much. Her mother wants the chicken to cook it for “The Master” and when Usha refuses to give her the chicken her mother slaps her and after that comes a most dreadful scene for such an innocent kid, eating her own chicken. She is beaten several times and her mother is
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