The Heroism Of The Valor Games Midwest

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The Contest that was years in the making. Unimaginable pain ran thru my hand, a few seconds later I passed out. I had been shot thru my left wrist while on patrol around Kandahar Afghanistan in August 2011. This event would wind up taking many things from me. The hardest trial I would endure was to regain my range of motion and ability to lift weights. Weight lifting is one of the few sports that I love to do and have done since I was a child. It took almost 2 years of physical therapy and another 2 years of personal therapy to regain the movement and strength I needed to compete in the 5th annual valor games Midwest. Valor games Midwest is a competition put on by the Veterans Association every year for wounded warriors around the…show more content…
I was running late, I had to rush from the parking lot to the check in station in the lobby of the Chicago Hilton. Once signed in and loaded on the bus, I finally had time to take in my environment. I was surrounded by wounded warriors from all different wars and I was here to compete against them. It was surreal to say the least. I was completely over whelmed with emotion and fear all at the same time. I had a little boo boo on the wrist and some of these heroes were missing limbs, or scared, would they accept me as one of their own or would I be an outcast. Only time would tell. The contest would last 3 days. 3 days, 3 different events, 3 locations around Chicago. I had been training for months to compete. I would participate in the Shot Put, Archery and Powerlifting (Bench Press). 1st day I competed in the Shot Put. There was a lot of confusion on where everyone would go to and participate in their event as it was the first day and a lot of us newbies. I finally found where I was supposed to be for Shot Put. I was nervous, a lot of people were there all decked out in their gear to compete, and here I was dressed like a redneck with cargo shorts, a t-shirt and old tennis shoes. The competition began, grass wet from the morning dew and rain from the previous night, and I was first. This is not what I wanted. Leading the pack is never a good place to start; you have no idea how hard you must try to beat the competition. It is the worst place to start. And
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