Essay The Heroism of a Community in the Book Hiroshima

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History has shown how Japanese people are stoic people. During the time of terror and grief they showed no emotions but put one foot forward and continue to strive to build their communities. The six characters each experience the bombing but feel as if it only happened to them at first. The plot of Hiroshima is about six people who survived the bombing of Hiroshima. He writes in chronological order and gives details about each characters and what they experienced.
The protagonists of the story are the six characters. The six characters struggle to survive after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. They had to overcome diversity due to the disfigurement, loss of love ones and their homes due to the bomb. The antagonist of the
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He talks about how they came together and helped each other as if they were family by providing water, food and companionship at Asano Park. With so many people whom lost their love ones, people tend to need family to build on their strength, and without family you make new family. That is what the Hiroshima people did. Who is better to build a bond with each other than people that are going through the same turmoil? The Japanese people are stoic patriotic people. They did come together as a community to assist each other but they suffered through their pain alone. They did not look for sympathy or a shoulder to cry on. Mr. Tanimoto wrote in a letter describing how some Japanese died without yelling out for help. He wrote, “They died in silence with no grudge, setting their teeth to bear it. All for the country (Hersey, p. 69)!” They were proud people for their country and didn’t want to appear weak. Mr. Tanimoto also wrote in his letter, “Look, I lost my home, my family, and at last bitterly injured. But now I have got my mind to dedicate what I have and to complete the war for our country’s sake (Hersey, p. 69).” Hersey also informs us of thirteen year old girls singing their national anthem while being crushed to death. Not concerned about their well-being but for the love of their beloved country. To know that you’re going to die yet sing something that means so much to you shows heroism. It is as if the thirteen year old girls died for
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