The Heros Journey : A Journey To The Hero's Journey

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The Heroes Journey is a literary trope that has been used across time to tell a story in an outline step, this has been used in myths and the religious book in Christianity called the Bible. I will be comparing a modern literary work from J.R.R. Tolkien The Lord of the Rings and the story of Jesus and how it relates to the hero’s journey. To begin we must understand what is the hero’s journey, it is a twelve-step outline for a character in the story that he/she goes through. It was first identified by Joseph Campbell, an American writer and mythologist. Let first begin with the unusual birth of the characters of these literary works. We have Frodo, he is a halfling called a hobbit. Hobbits are half the size of a normal person and they are proportional. His birth makes him special because he is not a normal person. He is different from other hobbits because he wants to leave the shire and go on an adventure. Jesus from the bible is born from an immaculate conception, his mother is virgin and her name is Mary. Now how can we tell Jesus’s birth is unusual? Well his mother is as virgin and there is no way a virgin can give birth if she never had sex. What follows this unusual birth is that Jesus is the one in danger and Frodo is not. The next stage is the hero’s call to a journey, this can be approach in different ways. One can be an external pressure or something rising from within. Frodo is called to a journey when he receives a gift from his uncle, that gift is a mysterious
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