The Hero’s Journey Essay

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The Hero’s Journey

Watching a film, one can easily recognize plot, theme, characterization, etc., but not many realize what basic principle lies behind nearly every story conceived: the hero’s journey. This concept allows for a comprehensive, logical flow throughout a movie. Once the hero’s journey is thoroughly understood, anyone can pick out the elements in nearly every piece. The hero’s journey follows a simple outline. First the hero in question must have a disadvantaged childhood. Next the hero will find a mentor who wisely lays out his/her prophecy. Third the hero will go on a journey, either literal or figurative, to find him/herself. On this journey the hero will be discouraged and nearly quit his/her quest. Finally, the
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He meets fellow inner-city dweller and full time recluse, William Forrester. Forrester is a writer famous for writing one book, a masterpiece, and then falling from the public eye, never to write again. The unlikely pair, mentor each other in this film, Forrester turning Jamal into a well-developed writer, and Jamal helping Forrester break out of his protective bubble and experience life again. Throughout the movie the odd couple each must face tests and tribulations, culminating in a spectacularly moving finale. Although the film does not fall into the epic/action category, the hero’s journey surely can be found.

The hero’s journey usually follows a certain rubric with little variation. These films are no exceptions. In “Star Wars,” Luke Skywalker is without a doubt a disadvantaged youth. His parents have died, and he lives under his aunt and uncle who spurn his attempts to leave the farm and make it on his own. Through a chance meeting, Luke finds himself a mentor, the wise recluse, Ben Kenobi. Kenobi tells Luke of amazing battles throughout the galaxy, sparking his inborn interest in the stars. Later in the film, after his aunt and uncle are murdered, Luke finds himself thrust into an ongoing intergalactic war between the evil Empire and the rebellion. It is here that Luke

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