Essay about The Hero's Journey in The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

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People do not have to fly to be hero, it takes much more. Many heroes of today are shown to have supernatural powers that makes them acquire amazing abilities, flying, super strength, skills to manifest anything, the list goes on. Our heroes in the present time are perceived by the audiences' mindset to have special powers but there are times where being a hero does not need to have all the extra tricks. Thomas, a character in The Maze Runner is thrown unconsciously with no memory into a place of the unknown called the Glades, consisting of only teenagers inhabiting the area. He would soon find out the whole place is bordered by a big wall that closes by night and day to protect them from the maze that are filled with demonic…show more content…
Thomas, voluntarily saves one of the Glader's who was injured coming back from the maze. Consequently, in the time he saved him, he fails at getting him back home. "Thomas leaned back against the rough rock, overcome by disbelief at what he had just done. Filled with terror at what the consequences might be." (Dashner). He ran outside the Glades knowing he only had seconds to come back in until the thick, humongous walls closed shut for the night sealing the three Gladers outside. What is worse is this is at night, one extremely tired, one with an injured arm, and Thomas, an inexperienced Glader. They have no idea what they were going to expect. Thomas might have not know it, but he's crossing his very first threshold in the story. The crossing of the threshold was initiated because of injured Newt, who was like a brother to him. In Jennifer Johnson's review of Safari in Legoland by Carol Matas, she shows a similar event where a child has to rescue a Prince, thus making him cross his threshold. "Answering a call for help, the eight-year-old set off to rescue Prince Aryeh. Shrunk to Lego size by a magic formula, Aaron proceeded into the exhibits." (Johnson). The child plans on rescuing a character who is in trouble just like how Thomas is trying to save his friend Newt. He willingly and was forced by a condition for him to go on the very first step of the heroes journey. As

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