The Hershey Company : Milton Hershey

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The Hershey Company is one of the most renowned chocolate-manufacturers in North America and its empire is quickly spreading across the globe. Armed with its delicious secret recipe and passion to help the less fortunate, its determination for success is a product of their past struggles, and only motivates future corporation growth. Along with their success comes inevitable failures that have had undeniable effects on the company’s reputation. Their need for growth has pushed the company to seek new areas of production and this desire has led them to West Africa, where they are still present today, reigning their horrific, inhumane, and unjustifiable policies on innocent Africans.
The man responsible for the Hershey Company is Milton Hershey. Milton was born on September 13, 1857, in Pennsylvania. As a child, Hershey spent the majority of his time learning from his father who had a very positive outlook on life but lacked motivation to succeed, In the following ten year, Milton Hershey’s father abandoned his family, leaving them to fend for themselves. According to many sources, Hershey’s father made the decision to leave his family and start a new life because “Fanny, the daughter of a Mennonite clergyman, had grown tired of her husband 's failures”. With the responsibility of raising Hershey, she taught him how to be diligent and hard working. By the age of thirteen, Hershey dropped out of school, and the following year obtained an interest in making candy. He became a…
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