The Hidden Cost Of Being African American

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In Thomas Shapiro’s “The Hidden Cost of Being African American”, Shapiro goes in depth on how wealth in America is disproportionately dispersed between different nationalities. Mainly between Caucasians and African Americans. Shapiro has helped paint the image of wealth inequality and has shown how this is even more staggering than the wage gap between African Americans and Caucasians. Some of the theories he indirectly uses in his book and that I will be exemplifying are generational wealth and support systems, education, and the idea of how poverty only begets more poverty. In Shapiro’s book, he interviews two, forty year old mothers. I will use them for my analysis. One of the mother’s names is Vivian Arrora. She is a single, African American mother of a teenage boy and twin children. She grew up in Watts which is a very poor section of L.A. She no longer wanted to live in this dangerous area so she sent herself through school and got her degree accrued a rather large sum of debt. Having been on government assistance this whole time, she began her search for a real job. After several days with no luck, one of her friends tells her of temp agencies.
We went to the temp agency on a Wednesday. It was raining, and we just kept on. We kept on going, and the rain didn’t stop us…. I went in on a Wednesday, and they called me that Thursday and told me to start work that Monday. And I’ve been working ever since. And I’m like: Am I really, really ready to go to work? Mentally? But
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