The Hidden Curriculum In Education

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Hidden Curriculum essay
This essay will explain what the Hidden Curriculum is and its implications on issues in the South African system. The essay will also reflect my understanding of the concept hidden curriculum. I will also explain the different levels in the educational system. The second section of the essay I will focus on what I have identified as the hidden curriculum during my teaching practice experience. In my conclusion I will address the hidden curriculum in order to redress the concern I have identified.
The hidden curriculum is lessons that we as educators teach informally or unintentionally at school. Learners will learn unintended values, beliefs, behaviours and norms in the classroom and the social learning environment (Department of Educational Studies, 2015). They may learn how to interact with other learners for example debates and class discussions and group work. Hidden curriculum will initially begin at a young age for learners. In primary school they will be taught how to greet an educator and to say please and thank you (Department of Educational Studies, 2015). We can basically
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During my classroom observations it was clear that parents are transferring a lot of the blame or responsibility to the schools and educators. Educators had to teach the learners to greet and respect other learners. The principal also made use of the hidden curriculum by telling educators to see that the learners are in class during periods and to speak to learners that are a problem. Another example that I saw during my teaching experience was that if learners got good grades and turn in their homework on time or even listen to the educator during the class they were rewarded. By doing this the educator taught the learners how to behave as well as to take pride in their
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