The Hidden Dimension II By Sarah Choo

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'The Hidden Dimension II ' by Choo (2013) Figure 1. 'The Hidden Dimension II ' (2013) by Sarah Choo Jing Introduction Born in year 1990, Sarah Choo Jing who is a Singaporean is currently a student pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts in Fine Art Media at the University College London (Choo, 2014). She is a Multidisciplinary Fine Artist who has won the 3rd edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award during her participation at The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards in 2012 and was awarded with the Kwek Leng Joo Prize of Excellence in Still Photography Award in 2013 (Choo, 2014). In all her artworks, Choo has reflected upon the socio-cultural norms of the modern society, highlighting relatable moments and characters. She was inspired by Octovio Paz who stated that the deep-rooted fact of the human condition is solitude, and only Man knows that he is alone and seeks for company. Choo (2014) explained that Singaporeans face a significant phenomenal issue – solitude – despite living in a highly populated society. In her notable work titled ‘The Hidden Dimension II’ (see Figure 1 above), Choo has reflected on this ‘solitude’ phenomenon by questioning how effective the comfort offered by Man’s daily routines is. Description of ‘The Hidden Dimension II’ ‘The Hidden Dimension II’ is a multimedia installation art which is displayed in the Singapore Art Museum. It is a one-minute-and-five-seconds video playing on a panoramic screen, constantly re-looping after each cycle has been completed.

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