The Hidden Gender Stereotypes in the Animations the Little Mermaid and Tangled

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The Hidden Gender Stereotypes in the Animations The Little Mermaid and Tangled


ABSTRACT After the success of the feminist movement in the early 1960s, gender stereotypes are considered as not a big issue anymore. Many people tried to break gender stereotypes especially in mass media. However, it is undeniable that gender stereotypes are still imprinted because people have been fed by gender stereotypes from the show that they watch since they are young. It is shown in two animation movies titled The Little Mermaid and Tangled. This article examines various evidences of gender stereotypes that are hidden in both movies and how they are still seen although the creator has hidden them. There are two major points that will
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In the first part, I will discuss how the movies define and characterize the bad woman and the good woman by looking at and analyzing both the protagonist and antagonist characters. Then, in the second part, I will examine how the movies strengthen patriarchy from the feminist perspective. These findings will support the current writing that is written by Kerry M Mallan about women’s grotesque images in “Witches,Bitches,and Femme Fatales:Viewing the female grotesque in children’s film” (Mallan,2000). Mallan’s paper will talk about the image of bad woman in some animation movies that I will explain further in the next section of this paper.

Previous Research
Much has been written on the works of women’s images and gender stereotypes in both real life and literary works, but most of them so far only focus on the images of women and the forms of oppression of women. An important work on women’s stereotypes and oppression is a book by Colette Downing titled Cinderella Complex (1992) which presents an overview of a theory of Cinderella Complex that unconsciously affects most women in the world. According to Downing (1992,17) Cinderella complex is the act of fear, most of which is oppressed, that makes women cannot and do not dare to use all of their intelligence and creativity, and would rather wait for men as their saviors. Although she gives explanations about Cinderella complex as one

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