The Hidden Life Of Garbage Analysis

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People often wonder if they are living the right life. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, but no one really knows if what they do is actually the right thing in the long run. people’s fates are guided by every choice they make and one wrong choice can change everything. Even though every person is different and they have different opinions people should live their lives waste free, discrimination free, and tech free.
People should live their lives waste free because it would help them in the long run.
In, The Hidden Life of Garbage, Rogers said
But the fact remains that these systems are short-term solutions to the garbage problem. While they may not seem toxic now, all those underground cells packed with plastics, solvents,
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If American's lived their live waste free, they could avoid this problem if they threw away less, used less packaging and recycled. Another thing that could be avoided, if Americans lived a waste-free life, is the waste of perfectly good food. In, On Dumpster Diving, the author said “Students throw food away around breaks because they do not know whether it has spoiled or will spoil before they return. A typical discard is a half jar of peanut butter. In fact, nonorganic peanut butter does not require refrigeration and is unlikely to spoil in any reasonable time. The student does not know that, and since it is Daddy’s money, the student decides not to take a chance.”(Eighner). This should embarrass most people because everyone has done something like this once or twice in their life, and although students waste a lot of food and other things, they are not the only contributors to all the waste that plagues America each…show more content…
Nowadays, Americans use technology to obtain information, because it's easier than knowing the material. This has become a huge distraction and it’s making people rely on technology way more than is needed, especially the young people. For example, they use Google to search things like homework, essays, speeches, etc. They do this as a shortcut to getting their work done faster because they can find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds, instead of actually doing the work by themselves and it’s leading to an intellectually impoverished society. In the article, Is Google Making Us Stupid, the author believes that Google is used by most people to find information by just typing in a couple of words; however, those people don't learn the information or value knowledge (Carr). This wouldn’t be a problem for the people if they lived a tech-free life because without technology there is no reliance on it. Also if they lived a tech-free life, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting spied on. Technology, such as phones, is used to spy on people because the government and big companies like to keep track of their every move. In, That’s no phone. That’s my tracker, the author stated cellphone carriers respond to law enforcement's request for call data, internet use, GPS, etc. In 2011, they responded 1.3 million times to these request and this is just
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